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Reconfiguring politics: The Indonesia-Aceh peace process

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Indonesian government and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) in Helsinki in August 2005 ended more than 30 years of armed conflict and suffering in Aceh. It also provided a basis for reconfiguring politics in the province, by outlining principles for new self-government arrangements and provisions for political participation, revenue-sharing, reintegration and human rights.

Accord 20, edited by Aguswandi and Judith Large, analyses developments leading to this peace agreement and how it has been put into practice. It examines ongoing and important challenges for Aceh’s future such as the successes, difficulties and controversies of:

  • translating the agreement into law
  • contesting elections
  • enabling reconstruction and reintegrating ex-combatants

Written by people with first-hand experience of this process and from different political perspectives, the publication includes interviews with the mediator and negotiators. It also discusses crucial peacebuilding issues that often receive less attention such as:

  • women's roles
  • the impact of Shar'ia law
  • the consolidation of political parties

An Indonesian version is available.

Generational and political factions can grow and splinter long after weapons have been put down, and one great test will be the cultivation of responsible and accountable local leadership. This study will explore exactly these tensions and opportunities, as ongoing challenges, in the hope of being relevant to Aceh and elsewhere.

Judith Large and Aguswandi, Accord Issue Editors