Our Organisation

In 1994, our founders had a vision: to transform the way the world resolves violent conflict so people work together to build peaceful and inclusive societies. A quarter of a century later, we continue to strive towards that vision, bringing people together to find creative and sustainable paths to peace.

Our history

We are proud to have been working to build peace for over 25 years. The staunch conviction of our founders, Andy Carl and David Lord, was that people living in areas of violent conflict should be involved in its resolution. Over two decades later, this principle still forms the basis of our approach.

Our goals and values

We challenge the status quo to find creative approaches to addressing violent conflict. We believe in working collaboratively, over the long-term. By working together, we can make peace possible.

Funding and finance

Our donors have been helping Conciliation Resources make peace possible for over twenty five years.

Conciliation Resources EU

Conciliation Resources EU is the face of Conciliation Resources in Brussels to the European institutions and EU Member States. Our Brussels team focuses on providing mediation support expertise and policy advice on specific thematic and geographic peacebuilding priorities.

Conciliation Resources Australia

Conciliation Resources Australia oversees our work in Southeast Asia and in the Pacific, as well as advising on conflict policy and improving peacebuilding practices in Australia and the wider region.


Conciliation Resources is an international organisation committed to stopping violent conflict and creating more peaceful societies. We are a team of over 80 peacebuilders and passionate people dedicated to resolving conflict.