A young man is showing a photograph to the camera, showing several armed young men.

Our approach works

We see that Conciliation Resources does not have a hidden agenda behind it. Conciliation resources has achieved trust on both sides of the Line of Control.

Altaf Hussain Wani
Kashmir Institute of International Relations

Building sustainable peace doesn’t happen overnight, which is why we’re in it for the long-term. We think about our work in terms of years, not months, and this means we can develop relationships of trust. Where there is trust, it is easier for all sides to take cautious steps towards peace. 

We build connections between those who wouldn't normally meet, breaking down barriers between divided groups.

We encourage marginalised people to speak out about the  conflicts which affect them, and work to ensure they have the space to do that. And we develop skills, share knowledge and promote lessons to improve how individuals, organisations and governments around the world respond to conflict.

How we address conflict

Simply stopping fighting is not the same as transforming conflict and putting a permanent end to violence. Patient, persistent work to find creative solutions to conflict is needed to build sustainable peace.

Conciliation Resources works to truly understand conflicts, and then we share what we learn with others. We create connections between the different groups involved, and most importantly, ensure the people directly impacted by conflict are leading initiatives to respond to the violence.

Some of our recent achievements

•    Assisted the signing of a peace agreement in Ethiopia.

•    Helped 5,400 young people reject violence and build peace in their communities.

•    Broadcast 118 radio programmes to promote peace and reconciliation, and develop civilian-military relationships in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Community meeting in Dungu, DRC

We need your support

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•    Talked to 15 armed groups, encouraging them to pursue peace.

•    Accompanied 50 journalists in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jammu and Kashmir and the Caucasus, helping to present a more balanced view of conflict.

•    Established a new network of Women Mediators across the Commonwealth

•    Celebrated 10 years of trade across the dividing line in Kashmir, building trust and confidence between the different sides of the conflict.

•    Secured an important exemption for humanitarian aid and development in new counter-terrorism legislation, through working with banks, UK government and other NGOs. 

•    Trained 256 community leaders in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea enabling them to lead peace initiatives in their communities.

Stories from our partners

Peacebuilding starts with individuals, finding new ways to bring communities together