Who we are

Conciliation Resources is an international organisation committed to stopping violent conflict and creating more peaceful societies.

For over 25 years we have been bringing together communities torn apart by violence and mistrust, helping people resolve their differences.  We connect the views of people on the ground with political processes, and share learning so others can find alternatives to violent conflict.

Why peacebuilding?

Peacebuilding is about addressing the underlying causes of conflict. It helps people to resolve their differences without resorting to violence.

Our Organisation

In 1994, our founders had a vision: to transform the way the world resolves violent conflict so people work together to build peaceful and inclusive societies. A quarter of a century later, we continue to strive towards that vision, bringing people together to find creative and sustainable paths to peace.

Our people

The success of Conciliation Resources would not be possible without the passion, expertise and dedication of our staff, volunteers and trustees.

Our partners

We partner with over 80 courageous individuals and organisations around the world. Our work is supported by people and institutions who share our commitment to making peace possible.