What we focus on

Over the years, we have gained experience and expertise in a number of areas relating to addressing conflict. We prioritise these topics in our practical peacebuilding work and research.


Mediation Support

Mediation is vital in ensuring different sides of a conflict arrive at an agreement. We improve mediation processes by providing support and advice to mediators and peace negotiations.



Dialogue is an essential part of addressing conflict and building peace. We create opportunities for divided groups to come together, discuss the issues affecting them and develop solutions.


Engaging armed groups

Talking with armed groups is often an essential part of ending violent conflict. We engage with armed groups to build peace and provide guidance for doing so to others.


Dealing with the past

In moving forwards towards peace, it is important that the legacies of war and violence are addressed. We work on the memory and narrative around conflict, to avoid them continuing to feed into future violence.



For peace to be sustainable, the views and experiences of all those impacted by conflict need to be included in finding solutions. We work to ensure different groups, especially those most marginalised, have a voice.


Climate and environment

Access to land and natural resources has long contributed to conflict, but our natural environment is changing at a rate never seen before in human history. We work in partnership with local people and communities to develop conflict-sensitive responses to environmental change.