Horn of Africa

We support local, national and cross-border peacebuilding in the Horn of Africa including better co-ordination and collaboration between peacebuilding interventions and institutions at the different levels.

Clan linkages across the state borders of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia mean that conflicts in the Horn of Africa simply can’t be resolved in isolation. As well as historic ethnic violence and marginalisation, new challenges are emerging such as control of devolved resources, natural resource conflict and terrorism.

    Ogaden National Liberation Front conference

    Two decades of fighting in the Somali Regional State (Ogaden) of Ethiopia has left the region one of the poorest in the country – two million people are dependent on food aid each year. But in 2018, after six years of negotiation support from Conciliation Resources, a peace deal was signed. Now, the challenge is to make sure the peace deal sticks.

    Kenyan peacebuilders in Liberia

    Northern Kenya has a long history of ethnic violence and marginalisation. But now, terrorism, resource extraction and devolution are intensifying existing local conflicts and raising new challenges for the region’s traditional forms of peacebuilding. We work with community and national peacebuilders to help them respond to these new drivers of conflict.


    We have brought together clans who have never been brought together before, because of age-old differences. Now they live like brothers and sisters.

    Hassan Osman Shuri
    Garissa, Kenya
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    Our work in action

    We work to support local, national and cross-border peacebuilding initatives in the Horn of Africa. Find out more about our work in action.
    Ogaden National Liberation Front conference where the ONLF announces transition to a political party

    Our partners in the Horn of Africa

    Our programme partners are at the heart of what we do. These relationships, often developed over years and even decades, are crucial to making peace possible.