What we do

Conciliation Resources provides practical support to help people affected by violent conflict achieve lasting peace. We draw on our shared experiences to influence policies and improve peacebuilding practice worldwide.

What we focus on

Over the years, we have gained experience and expertise in a number of areas relating to addressing conflict. We prioritise these topics in our practical peacebuilding work and research.

Global Initiatives

Violence does not respect boundaries, and does not arise in a vacuum. Some of our work spans multiple regions to explore and share common strategies for resolving conflict peacefully.

Regional Programmes

Our work focuses on a number of different conflicts and situations, covering eight regions. Every conflict is uniquely complex, so we always work with our partners on the ground to analyse and understand the dynamics in each region, and tailor our responses.

What is peacebuilding?

Peacebuilding seeks to address the underlying causes of conflict, helping people to resolve their differences peacefully and lay the foundations to prevent future violence.

Our work in action

Peacebuilding comes in many forms. We design our work alongside our partners, to make sure everything we do is tailored specifically to the context, and is based on decades of experience and research about what works. Explore what our work looks like in practice.