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We publish information about our organisation and our activities in line with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard. You can download Conciliation Resources’ IATI data at any time.

Keeping people safe

Conciliation Resources is committed to keeping people safe from harm when they come into contact with our work. A key part of this commitment is a zero-tolerance approach to sexual abuse and exploitation. Our approach to keeping people safe from harm is guided by our vision of transforming the way the world resolves conflict so that people work together to build peaceful and inclusive societies, and our purpose of bringing people together to find creative and sustainable paths to peace.  

Our Keeping People Safe policy covers everyone who Conciliation Resources and its programme partners come into contact with, in the course of Conciliation Resources’ work. We have a particular responsibility to ensure that children and at-risk adults are protected. We will also not tolerate abuse and exploitation of our staff, volunteers and partners by those we employ (in whatever capacity).

Raising concerns and complaints

You can raise a concern if you witness or experience harm, or report an incident, to Conciliation Resources using the appropriate reporting procedure. The full details can be found in the Complaints Policy, the Public Interest Disclosure Policy, and the Keeping People Safe Policy.

  • If you wish to make a complaint, you should email
  • If you wish to report an incident of harm done by Conciliation Resources, you should email
  • If you are an employee, consultant or volunteer of Conciliation Resources and you wish to make a public interest disclosure, you should email the Chief Operating Officer
  • If you wish to report an issue covered by the Public Interest Disclosure Policy, you can complete the form here on an anonymous or named basis


These are some of the core policies that govern the way we work at Conciliation Resources.

Prompt Payment Code

Conciliation Resources is committed to good payment practice and has signed up to the Prompt Payment Code (PPC). The PPC sets standards for payment practices and best practice. A guide on payment terms and how to get paid by Conciliation Resources can be downloaded here.