Sofia Vinasco-Molina

I am a psychologist from Bogota and have been working on human rights and women’s rights since 2011. I have given advocacy and psychosocial support to women victims of sexual and gender violence in the Colombian Caribbean coast. I was forced to leave my country due to my professional activity and activism in 2013 when I moved to London as an international student. 

The commission has empowered me along my migration process and has allowed me to heal the trauma caused by the war back in Colombia. I have developed a new family and built a new network in London. The commission has been supporting me at difficult times and I am deeply thankful to all the ladies for that.

Peace for Colombia for me is a new path that all Colombians have started; it was our grandparents’ dream and now is our responsibility to build it. For me, we can build peace through the revolution of small things, every day, at every time, respecting each other, empowering women, and recognising the value of every human being, especially if he/she is different from me.

Peace is possible if we dream it, if we work on it, together from every part of the world where women are willing to do it, because women are the main peacebuilders.