Sara Cook

Job Title
Mediator, Educator and Conciliation Specialist

Sara Cook

Sara Cook is a mediator and conciliation specialist who has extensive experience working with people affected by conflict in Northern Ireland and internationally. Sara has served as a community mediator in contested regions of Belfast, and she has facilitated dialogue encounters between conflict-affected populations, including victims and survivors of violence, former and current security force members, as well as former and current paramilitary members. Recently, Sara has worked near the border of Syria to train Turkish and Syrian humanitarian aid workers supporting the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the border region of Turkey. She is a lecturer and field director for the Conflict Transformation Certificate Program at St. Mary’s University in Texas.

Sara Cook is a member of Women Mediators across the Commonwealth (WMC), a network hosted by Conciliation Resources which connects women with a broad range of mediation knowledge and experience. 

In this film, Sara Cook talks to EPLO about her work as a mediator.