Nolliettie Chihana

Job Title
Peace and Mediation Advocate

Nolliettie Chihana

Nolliettie is a peace and mediation advocate and communication expert. She is engaged in full time peace and security efforts which has allowed her to mediate in over 50 cases ranging from institutional conflicts, land conflicts, family cases and gender-based violence. Nolliettie believes in women’s empowerment and strives for equal opportunities for women’s inclusion in peace processes and mediation. In her work, she engages with local younger women in her community to be a part of peacebuilding processes and hopes that the WMC network can support her aspirations to continue to support women’s mediation work in her community.

Nolliettie Chihana is a member of Women Mediators across the Commonwealth (WMC), a network hosted by Conciliation Resources which connects women with a broad range of mediation knowledge and experience.