Meredith Preston McGhie

Job Title
Regional Director for Africa for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

Meredith Preston McGhie

Meredith Preston McGhie is the Regional Director for Africa for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue. Meredith manages a range of open and confidential peace processes across the continent. She has previously advised the parties in the South Sudan conflict, and worked with the Sudan People's Liberation Movement and the National Congress Party during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement implementation in Sudan. She has also helped set up processes in Nigeria and in the Horn of Africa.

In 2008 Meredith acted as an advisor to Kofi Annan in the Kenya National Dialogue and Reconciliation, and in 2009 advised the UN in the Djibouti Peace Process for Somalia. Meredith also focuses on issues of inclusion in mediation and elections through her work at the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue. She has been based in East and the Horn of Africa for 17 years, and previously worked with the UN in Sudan. Meredith began her career working on peace and security issues with the Naga in Northeast India and with ethnic minorities in Myanmar.

Meredith Preston McGhie is a member of Women Mediators across the Commonwealth (WMC), a network hosted by Conciliation Resources which connects women with a broad range of mediation knowledge and experience.

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