Magda Zenon

Job Title
Peace Activist and Broadcaster

Magda Zenon

Magda Zenon is a human rights activist whose perspective has been influenced by having lived in apartheid South Africa, Greece, and now Cyprus. She is an active member of civil society with a focus on the implementation of UNSCRes 1325 and the integration of a gender perspective in peace processes, both locally and globally. She has worked with women’s and youth groups and has helped found and been active in a number of local CSO’s including Hands Across the Divide, the Gender Advisory Team and the Cyprus Women’s Lobby that is a member of the European Women’s Lobby.

Finally, Magda has a passion for story-telling and has for over 5 years hosted conversations about peacebuilding with inspiring women from around the globe on her internet-based women’s forum called kaleid’HER’scope.

Magda Zenon is a member of Women Mediators across the Commonwealth (WMC), a network hosted by Conciliation Resources which connects women with a broad range of mediation knowledge and experience.