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News and views from areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Uganda.

Find out about our partners in the Regional Civil Society Network who produce this bi-monthly newsletter to share with their communities.

Read media trainer Jenny Norton's reflections on working with local partners to create the first edition of The Voice of Peace.

Issue 3 – June to September 2012

  • Regional situation report
  • Editorial opinion
  • Who are the Mbororo?
  • Women’s Voice: Hon. Aol Betty Ocan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo women’s network
  • Restating part B of Uganda's Amnesty Act
  • Regional Civil Society Task Force: Bangui meeting

Issue 2 - March to May 2012

  • Regional situation report: LRA concentrated in CAR and DRC
  • Editorial opinion: Father Ernest Sugule, Editor in Chief The Voice of Peace
  • Local reactions to Kony 2012
  • Implications of AU and US military intervention in resolving the LRA conflict
  • Still waiting: the story of one mother whose child was abducted
  • Returnees' voices: Joyce and Nina from Western Equatoria State, South Sudan
  • Acellam's capture: Religious leaders call for forgiveness
  • Returnees' voices: Santina from South Sudan
  • Connections: London calling

It makes me feel so bad to remember this that I don’t want to go on living. If it wasn’t for my brother who accepted me and my LRA child, I would have killed myself.

Nina, Western Equatorial State, South Sudan

Issue 1 - Covering the period December 2011 to February 2012:

  • Regional situation report: military pressure dispersing LRA but civilians still under threat
  • Editorial opinion: Kennedy Tumutegyereize
  • Returnees' voices: school-girl mother, Marlene, 19, CAR
  • Returnees' voices: opening up, John, 22, Congo
  • Security updates
  • Who are the Arrow Boys of South Sudan?
  • Viewpoint: the Arrow Boys - a positive force or a future problem?
  • Escapee: Kony feeling US pressure in CAR
  • Connections: meetings in DRC and CAR
  • About our network...