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News and views from areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Uganda.

Find out about our partners in the Regional Civil Society Network who produce this quarterly newsletter to share with their communities.

Issue 10 - March 2014 to June 2014

In this issue our partners explore the split in the leadership of South Sudan, the LRA's involvement in the ivory trade and unequal disarmament in CAR. It includes an interview with Aminata, an LRA returnee who was kidnapped when she was 14 but has since managed to rebuild her life. As always, the team provides an update on violence against civilians in LRA-affected areas. 

Issue 9 - January 2014 to March 2014

In this issue religious and political leaders from LRA-affected areas speak out on the precarious security and humanitarian situations in their countries and offer their views on how to tackle these complex problems. The team provides an update on LRA violence against civilians in CAR and DRC and analyses the challenges UN peacekeepers will face in CAR. 
It includes the inspirational story of Sister Angélique Namaika and her work with women and orphaned children in the DRC. In an exclusive interview Bishop Richard Domba of Dungu-Doruma Diocese, DRC shares his thoughts on the LRA, Mbororo herders and how to reintegrate returnees
This issue explores the origins of the CAR crisis and includes an interview with a local CAR Mayor. Our partners also cover the fighting in South Sudan and interview with Thomas Leone, who gives a first-hand account of what it's like to have your village attacked my the LRA. Finally, there is a guest article from Sanne Tielemans, Conciliation Resources’ Policy Analyst about gender training in Kampala. 

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