Gender, peace and security

We use a gender lens to better understand the root causes of conflict and identify meaningful opportunities for peace across different groups of people.

Exclusion and inequality based on gender and other forms of identity is a key driver of conflict. Unequal power relations, harmful norms, exclusionary systems and gender-based violence are associated with increased vulnerability to conflict and the use of more severe forms of violence. Understanding these dynamics allows us to uncover more transformational and sustainable pathways to peace.

    Peacebuilding workshop in Liberia
    Gender, peace and security

    Along with partner organisations, we are helping to lead and shape international thinking and practice on gender, peace and security. We produce evidence and resources on the role of gender and inclusion in peacebuilding, and demonstrate the importance of including the views of a wide range of people in peace and mediation processes. We provide advice and toolkits equipping peacebuilding practitioners and decision-makers to effectively mainstream gender into their work, produce cutting-edge research on areas such as masculinities, and champion inclusive local financing and support for diverse groups of peacebuilders.

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