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Gender responsive peacebuilding identifies and responds to the effects of gender inequality and conflict – such as exclusion, stigma, gender-based violence and trauma – to ensure peace initiatives are more inclusive for different groups of people. 

Gender transformative peacebuilding goes a step further, aiming to analyse and shift the underlying causes which drive gender inequality and conflict in the first place. These can include imbalances of power, harmful norms and narratives, grievances and unequal access to resources and decision-making. 

Conciliation Resources has a strong track record of taking an intersectional approach to our gender work, analysing how gender interacts with other identities – like sexual orientation, age and race – to determine how different people experience conflict and the opportunities they have to shape peace. Therefore, in building a gender responsive and transformative practice, we aim to also uncover the effects and drivers of wider systems of inequality and oppression – many of which are interlinked and impossible to untangle. Through this, we can design peacebuilding approaches which are inclusive of, and transformative for, multiple diverse groups of people.


We have developed this strategy through generous financial support from the Peace Nexus Foundation.