Smart Peace workshop in Central African Republic

Roundtable discussions among participants from policy, practice and research communities will inform future priorities and planning for Smart Peace learning, advocacy and communication.

"The virtual roundtable is an exciting opportunity for us not just to introduce Smart Peace, but to bring together those working on the programme and those interested in it from different parts of the world. COVID-19 will impact conflict dynamics and stability globally, and Smart Peace’s adaptive and collaborative approach is enabling it to already respond to the changes COVID-19 brings." 

Laura Aumeer, Programme Director, Cross-Regional Programme, Conciliation Resources

Smart Peace brings together global expertise in conflict analysis and research, peacebuilding and mediation programming, and behavioural science and evaluation. Together, Smart Peace partners are developing integrated and adaptive peace initiatives, working with local partners to prevent and resolve complex and intractable conflicts in Central African Republic, Myanmar and northern Nigeria. The resulting lessons will help communities, international organisations and governments to implement peace strategies with greater confidence.
Smart Peace is led by Conciliation Resources in partnership with : Behavioural Insights Team, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Chatham House, Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich, International Crisis Group and The Asia Foundation.

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Smart Peace is funded with UK aid from the UK government.