If you missed our second #SeeTheHuman event, you can watch it here:

We were delighted to be in conversation with…

Betty Bigombe: Betty is an internationally recognised, award-winning expert in conflict resolution, armed conflict mediation, and post-conflict peacemaking and rehabilitation. Betty has initiated programmes that promote peace and reconciliation in war zones, refugee camps, and violent conflicts. Betty has been on the team mediating in the South Sudan conflict between the government and the non-signatory groups, and has initiated peace talks in the northern Uganda conflict that had lasted more than twenty years. Through United Nations Women, Betty was invited to Colombia to prepare Colombian women to participate in the peace talks in Havana, Cuba. She is a member of Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth network, has served as a Commissioner for the Women’s Refugee Commission and led election observer missions in Zimbabwe and Rwanda. Learn more about Betty's work in Uganda in this BBC article.

Janine di Giovanni: Janine is an author, journalist, war correspondent, and a Senior Fellow and Professor at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.  Janine was a war reporter for nearly three decades, from the first Palestinian intifada in the early 1990s to the siege of Sarajevo; the Rwandan genocide; the brutal wars in Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ivory Coast and Liberia to Chechnya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. She reported extensively in Iraq pre- and post-invasion, the Arab Spring and finally Syria. Janine writes long format reportage, mainly about war and the politics of conflict.  She was awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship, and is also a public speaker and a foreign policy analyst. In 2020, the American Academy of Arts and Letters awarded her their highest non fiction prize, the Blake Dodd.  She directed a UN Democracy Fund project on Transitional Justice in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and is the author of more than nine books, all about conflict and post-conflict.

The event was hosted by Jonathan Cohen, Executive Director of Conciliation Resources.