A community meeting in Dungu, Democratic Republic of Congo

As the world faces the highest levels of violent conflict in 30 years, with over 70 million people displaced, peacebuilders are taking collective action for peace. Peacebuilding Action Week is being organised by +Peace, a coalition of 21 peacebuilding organisations. Madeline Rose is the coalition’s director: 

“We have the tools to reduce global levels of violence, war, and division. Yet world leaders routinely tell us they do not feel public pressure to support peace. We are working to change that. The +Peace Coalition was founded to mobilise people, governments, and the private sector to tackle global violence and division. +Peace Action Week is just the start.” 

Events will be taking place around the world to mark Peacebuilding Action Week, including in Washington DC, Geneva, Manila and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In London, Conciliation Resources is teaming up with four UK-based peacebuilding organisations to organise the Talking Peace Festival on September 21. 

Groups and individuals are being asked to organise their own events, which will then be added to the +Peace events map. Ideas for things to do include hosting ‘Peace talks’, radio programmes or sports matches. 

Starting with the Peacebuilding Action Week, the +Peace coalition aims to improve the public understanding of what peacebuilding is, the work that peacebuilders around the world do, and why this is so vital to ending violent conflict.

Get involved

  • Attend an event – Find your nearest event on the +Peace website. The Talking Peace Festival will take place on 21 September at Flat Iron Square in London. Find out more. 
  • Host an event – Visit the +Peace website for loads of ideas on events to host, as well as a free Peacebuilding Action Week ‘Action Kit’.
  • Spread the word – Share your videos, photos and messages for peace during Peacebuilding Action Week using the hashtag #ThisIsPeacebuilding