European Union flags flying outside buildings of the EU institutions in central Brussels.

While remaining separate legal entities, the two organisations have aligned their work, operations and strategy. Both organisations share a vision of transforming the way the world resolves violent conflict so that people work together to build peaceful and inclusive societies. 

With a strong track record of providing mediation support, training and deployments, as well as knowledge of developing technology for peacebuilding, Conciliation Resources EU contributes valuable experience and learning to Conciliation Resources’ wider peacebuilding work. 

Conciliation Resources' Executive Director, Jonathan Cohen states:

“Conciliation Resources and mediatEUr were both founded by people inspired by the idea that change is possible even in contexts of deeply entrenched violent conflict. We believe conflicts can move from violence to politics and this change is nurtured by creativity and the efforts of people most affected. Through our separate endeavours we have both supported the process of peace in many places, promoting dialogue and mediation. Coming together and now consolidating Conciliation Resources EU is mutually enriching and will enable us to have a greater impact at a time when peacebuilding is needed more than ever.”

Conciliation Resources EU’s Director, Olivia Caeymaex adds:

“We are embarking on this next step together at a time when the EU’s attention is focused, amongst other priorities, on the response to the Covid pandemic, movements of populations towards Europe, tensions in the neighbourhood, and dependence among EU Member States on hard security tools, such as the European Peace Facility. The EU remains committed to mediation and our objective is to work with EU institutions and its Member State representations in Brussels to ensure that policy and programming prioritises peacebuilding and mediation.”

The two organisations began a strategic partnership towards the end of 2019, and have since collaborated increasingly closely together, looking for ways their work can complement and strengthen the work of the other.

Conciliation Resources EU will strengthen its contribution to EU policy discussions through its active participation in the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO), and continue to cultivate the strong relationships it has enjoyed over the past fifteen years with EU institutions, peers and others.