Conciliation Resources' staff and trustees

This relationship will enable Conciliation Resources to strengthen its work with the EU, as well as enhance its mediation support expertise. The mediatEUr team will benefit from joining forces with a larger peacebuilding organisation. Having worked together in the past, this move is a first step towards creating a joint future.

A close working arrangement with mediatEUr will help Conciliation Resources to maximise opportunities for policy influence and funding within the EU, building on its own experience and mediatEUr’s track record. In addition, combining expertise in the critical area of mediation support, will further develop the work both teams currently do to support peace processes. Among other things, this could result in a Conciliation Resources’ mediation support hub based in Brussels. Conciliation Resources’ Executive Director, Jonathan Cohen states:

“We are excited by the potential this relationship provides. mediatEUr has long undertaken innovative work with mediators and those experiencing conflict and we very much look forward to learning from this.”

mediatEUr is closely connected to Conciliation Resources, which is headquartered in London, in terms of its values and approach. Dialogue and support to mediation processes are a core focus for both organisations, as is a commitment to continuous learning and sharing experience to improve mediation and peacebuilding practice. Kathrin Quesada, mediatEUr Senior Executive Officer, comments:

“Conciliation Resources is a well-established and respected organisation. Our team relishes the opportunity of developing its knowledge, and expanding our range of mediation training and support, as we integrate work with Conciliation Resources.”

Conciliation Resources has a track record of providing mediation support in a range of contexts. Notably the organisation provided technical advice to the 2014 Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as a part of the International Contact Group, and more recently, supported the peace deal between the Government of Ethiopia and Ogaden National Liberation Front. The NGO also hosts a network of Women Mediators across the Commonwealth.

Over the past decade, mediatEUr has worked with parties in conflict to tackle their differences constructively, by providing mediation and facilitation, advice to improve conflict resolution and training for individuals and organisations involved in peace work. This includes two framework contracts for the EU on mediation support which mediatEUr is currently implementing, and seven years’ support to the European External Action Service on building capacity on mediation and conflict prevention.

Two members of Conciliation Resources’ staff have now joined the board of mediatEUr, with Conciliation Resources’ Executive Director, Jonathan Cohen becoming Chair. Over the coming months, Conciliation Resources will be embarking on a process of strategic thinking around structures and personnel, putting plans in place for the submission of joint funding applications and the sharing of resources.