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Lomé Agreement summary

Lomé Agreement summary


(Part I, articles 1–2)

• Immediate end to armed conflict between government forces and the RUF

• Establishment of Ceasefire Monitoring Group and Joint Monitoring Commission to monitor the ceasefire


(Part 2, articles 3–5)

• Transformation of the RUF into a political party

• RUF members to be allowed to hold public office

• Formation of broad-based government of national unity including RUF


(Parts 2–3, articles 6–9)

• Establishment of Commission for the Consolidation of Peace

• Government control of natural resources

• Council of Elders and Religious Leaders to resolve any differences

• Pardon for Sankoh

• Pardon and amnesty for RUF, ex-AFRC, ex-SLA or CDF combatants


(Parts 3, articles 10–12)

• Establishment of Constitutional Review Committee

• Commitment to constitutional elections

• National Electoral Commission to be established


(Part 4, articles 13–20)

• New mandates for ECOMOG and UNOMSIL

• Guaranteed safety, security and freedom of movement for peacekeeping personnel

• All ex-combatants to be disarmed, demobilised and reintegrated

• New national army to include ex-RUF, CDF and SLA combatants

• Withdrawal of all mercenaries from Sierra Leone

• Joint Monitoring Commission to be informed of location/strength of combatants and unexploded devices

• All combatants to be notified of their responsibilities under the Agreement

Human rights

(Part 5, articles 21–31)

• Unconditional and immediate release of prisoners-of-war and abductees

• Voluntary repatriation and reintegration of refugees and internally displaced persons

• Rights to asylum fully respected

• Full protection of rights within Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights

• Establishment of a national Human Rights Commission

• Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be established, dealing with human rights violations since 1991

• Sierra Leone government to ask for international humanitarian assistance

• Programme of post-war resettlement, rehabilitation and reconstruction started with special attention given to women

• Design and implementation of a programme for the rehabilitation of war victims

• Special attention paid to child combatants

• Commitment to free compulsory education and affordable primary healthcare


(Parts 6–8, articles 32–37)

• Joint Implementation Committee to be established

• Request for formal international involvement in the Agreement, where appropriate

• Moral guarantors stated as Government of Togolese Republic, the UN, the OAU, ECOWAS and the Commonwealth of Nations

• Call for international support for the Agreement

• Commitment to register and publish the Agreement

• Statement of the Agreement coming into immediate force


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