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Supporting early dialogue

The publication looks more closely at the following areas:

  • Improving the quality of 'early inclusion'
  • Committing to consistent coordination of peace support
  • Supporting armed groups to engage in dialogue
  • Engaging with conservative movements
  • Recongisning the peace potential of techology
  • Awareness of new mediation actors and their approaches
  • Flexible and reliable funding and support
  • Reviewing counter-terrorism policies that impede dialogue

This Accord Spotlight was drafted by Cate Buchanan for Conciliation Resources with peer review by participants of a February 2019 three-day discussion which provides the basis for the report. 

Conciliation Resources is grateful to the Sasakawa Peace Foundation for their generous support for the Accord Pathways to Peace Talks project. In 2020 Conciliation Resources will expand its focus on early phases of peace processes with a long-format Accord publication.