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The Mozambican peace process in perspective 

An estimated 1 million Mozambicans died during the 16–year civil war that finally ended in October 1992 with the General Peace Agreement signed in Rome. Politically stable for over a decade despite extreme poverty and social dislocation, the country’s peace negotiations and the lasting agreements that were reached deserve close study.

Accord 3 looks at the diverse initiatives that brought the parties to a negotiated settlement of the conflict, and illustrates the impact of changing regional and international dynamics on Mozambique.

Articles analyse the role and methods of the states involved in the peace process, the impact of financial and diplomatic ‘carrots and sticks’, and the contribution of church-based mediation and grassroots initiatives for justice and reconciliation.

The publication also contains full texts of the main peace agreements, a chronology of the war and peace process, plus profiles of the key people, institutions and countries involved.


This issue of Accord was edited by Alex Vines and Dylan Hendrickson.

I have enjoyed reading [Accord] and found it both informative and with excellent quality of analysis.

Mary Kenny, Human Rights Training Project, The Hague.