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A question of sovereignty: The Georgia–Abkhazia peace process

Following the outbreak of war in August 1992 and the ensuing humanitarian crisis, Georgia and Abkhazia embarked upon a faltering peace process, which today remains unresolved.

Accord 7 explores the background and issues at the heart of the conflict – the Abkhaz demand for sovereignty and why Georgia refuses to grant it. 

The publication offers an insight into political stalemate and flags possible avenues out of deadlock, including the need for political constituencies on both sides to engage more effectively with challenges of democratisation and economic cooperation.

Writers from Georgia and Abkhazia analyse the obstacles to peace and opportunities in the negotiations process. International authors examine interventions by the United Nations and the Russian Federation, along with civil society peace initiatives.

Accord 7 also contains key texts including agreements, statements and records of Georgian-Abkhaz meetings; profiles of the main actors involved; and a chronology. The publication is available in English and Russian.


This issue of Accord was edited by Jonathan Cohen.

The setbacks encountered suggest that sustainable peace requires far more than a political settlement. Economic reconstruction, social and political justice, demilitarisation and the realisation of security, reconciliation and the healing of traumatised societies are also vital.

Jonathan Cohen, Accord 7 issue editor