Suk Bahadur Roka ‘Sarad’


Suk Bahadur Roka ‘Sarad’

Suk Bahadur Roka ‘Sarad’ is a former Maoist People's Liberation Army (PLA) member, and serves as Principal Private Secretary to Nanda Bahadur Pun in his role as Nepal's Vice-President.  Roka was in charge of the 5th Division Cantonment in Rolpa, and later the 2nd Division Cantonment in Sindhuli after the PLA had been distributed among seven cantonments and 21 satellite camps in 2006. He hails from Jelbang in Rolpa, the village which experienced the highest number of killings in Nepal during the Maoist insurgency. Actively involved in Maoist politics since 1990, Roka went underground in 1995 following police operations in Rolpa.

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