Sudheer Sharma


Sudheer Sharma

Sudheer Sharma is Editor-in-Chief of Nepal’s largest daily, Kantipur. He was previously editor of Nepal, a weekly news magazine. He has worked as a reporter for Himal Khabarpatrika and Kathmandu Today, among others, and has also worked with the International Crisis Group. He has contributed to a number of books and is editor of Nepali Sena: Nagarik Niyantran ka Chunauti (Nepali Army: Challenges to Civilian Control - 2010). He is author of the bestselling book of political non-fiction, Prayogshala: Nepali Sankraman ma Delhi, Durbar ra Maobaadi (Laboratory: Delhi, the Palace and the Maoists in Nepal's Transition - 2013). 

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