Andrii Kryshtal

Job Title
Project Manager, South Caucasus


Andrii Kryshtal

Andrii is our Project Manager for the South Caucasus team. He has practical experience living and working in divided communities in Ukraine, Libya and the Western Balkans - specifically in Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina - implementing, developing and studying context-sensitive peacebuilding actions focusing on facilitated dialogue and mediation approaches. Andrii has over seven years' experience working in the international non-governmental sector, covering programme management, monitoring, research, organisational development and capacity building, and peacebuilding. 

Andrii studied Sociology (Bachelor's and Master's degree) and European Studies (postgraduate programme) and is actively engaged in research on the topics of the political activity of Ukrainian youth (2014-2015), needs of civil society and the non-governmental sector in Ukraine (2018-2019), charity (2019-2020), religion and peacebuilding (2019-2020), dialogue and mediation (2021-2023) in Ukraine and the Western Balkans.