Alex Attwood

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Alex Attwood

Alex Attwood was an elected representative for the constituency of West Belfast in Northern Ireland (NI) for 31 years up to 2017 serving first on the City Council and then the Northern Ireland Assembly. He was twice a Minister in the NI Government (Social Development 2010/11 and Environment 2011/13.) He was heavily involved both in multiple negotiations following the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and on its implementation from issues of law, order and justice to legacy, from good governance to programmes of government and reform of state institutions including policing. He continues to be so.

From 2017 he has worked as a governance and security expert to help address issues in places in or emerging from conflict from Ukraine to Korea particularly with leaders and communities in Anbar and Nineveh regions of Iraq following liberation from Daesh.

He is a member of Safefood, a “North-South” implementation body on the island of Ireland established in 1999 (addressing food risks, food poverty and obesity) and of the UK Electoral Commission responsible for elections and the regulation of political parties including donations, He is also contracted to help develop answers to present and longer-term political and policy challenges faced in Northern Ireland, Ireland and Britain.