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From military peace to social justice? The Angolan peace process (Accord issue 15, 2004) asks ‘what next?’ for a nation that has secured a ‘military peace’ but still faces huge challenges in post-conflict peacebuilding and a secessionist war in Cabinda. It provides lessons from Angola’s history of conflict and peacemaking, and reviews past peace processes and the roles played by Angolan civil society, institutions such as the United Nations and foreign governments.

Written by authors with first-hand or expert knowledge of Angolan peacemaking, it also identifies some key challenges for achieving greater social justice such as:

  • the need for deeper democratisation
  • more accountable management of oil and diamonds resource wealth
  • ensuring a positive role for the media, civil society and women in Angolan society.

The publication also contains summaries and a chronology of Angolan history and conflict, the various peace agreements, plus profiles of the key people and institutions.