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News and views from areas affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Uganda.
Find out about our partners in the Regional Civil Society Network who produce this quarterly newsletter to share with their communities.

Issue 7 – July to September 2013

  • Editorial Opinion: Issue 7 focuses on local organizations working for peace
  • Protection committees: Community-level conflict resolution
  • Regional situation report: LRA still active in CAR and DRC
  • Sister Angélique awarded UNHCR's Nansen Prize
  • Radio talk shows raise the profile of Voice of Peace messages
  • The importance of border communities working together for peace
  • Regional Civil Society Task Force 'speak one language' on tackling the LRA
  • Reintegration therapy (trauma healing) and the inter-church peace committee

Issue 6 – April to June 2013

  • Regional situation report: LRA activities have been reduced in CAR and DRC
  • Editorial Opinion
  • Amnesty Act reinstated after campaign by religious leaders
  • How DR Congo is missing chances to encourage LRA defections
  • Six ways to escape from the LRA: Interview with former LRA fighter Paul
  • For the people of CAR the crisis continues...
  • Uganda: worries for LRA returnees as reception centres close
  • Making connections through training

Issue 5 – January to March 2013

  • Regional situation report: LRA still active in CAR and DRC
  • Editorial Opinion
  • Bring back amnesty law, says Ugandan bishop
  • Crisis in the Central African Republic: one woman's story of meeting the Seleka rebels
  • Returnees' stories: Participant in trauma healing workshop
  • DRC troops join regional military task force as criticism mounts over lack of impact
  • LRA rebels returning to DRC as troops redeploy against M23 rebels
  • CAR: Root causes must be addressed when rebuilding

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