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A new UK National Security Strategy (NSS) will be published by the National Security Council following the General Election in Spring 2015. The NSS sets out a ‘whole of government’ strategy to uphold national security by reviewing the UK’s security and defence capabilities, identifying threats, and establishing priority areas for response. 

To inform the new strategy, Conciliation Resources put forward a submission to the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy, a cross-parliamentary body mandated to oversee the NSS. The submission puts forward two main arguments:
  1. The revised strategy must be founded on an informed understanding of how the British people perceive security and identify ways to achieve it;
  2. The UK’s efforts to ‘shape a stable world’ must prioritise long-term, preventative approaches to conflict if they are to effectively contribute to the UK’s national security.

There needs to be a paradigm shift in the Government’s priorities and approach. Multiple capabilities and strategies are needed to engage with today’s complex conflict and peacebuilding challenges