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The ousting of President Bozizé by the Seleka coalition in March 2013, which followed the flawed Libreville peace talks of January 2013, has plunged the already fragile state into another prolonged and multifaceted crisis.

This briefing paper outlines the most pressing challenges, risks and problems now facing the Central African Republic (CAR):

  • Security and administrative vacuum in Bangui and rest of country
  • Tensions between ethnic and religious communities
  • Growing tensions within Seleka coalition
  • Doubts over the effectiveness of regional peacekeeping force
  • Fertile conditions for humanitiarian disaster; limited access for aid organisations

Whilst recognising that the situation in CAR is fast-moving and subject to much change, the briefing also offers some longer-term peacebuilding options that could help steer the country away from its current crisis:

  • Ensuring cooperation in order to tackle short to mid-term security concerns
  • Exploring scope to review the electoral system
  • Involving and building consensus among civil society

This briefing paper provides a situation overview of the Central African Republic up to August 2013, based on interviews and information gathered during two visits to CAR in May and August 2013 by Conciliation Resources staff and associated consultant, Guus Meijer.