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UNYPHIL Women - Philippines

United Youth of the Philippines-Women (UNYPHIL-Women) is a non-profit women and youth focused organisation based in Cotabato City. The focus of their work with women is to help women who are subjected to violence, sexual and physical abuse, trafficking and other forms of discrimination. Over the years, its services have expanded to include peacebuilding, reproductive health and humanitarian response especially in the conflict-affected areas in the Bangsamoro.

From 2013 to 2015, Conciliation Resources and UNYPHIL-Women worked together to expand the role of women constituents in supporting the peace process, through the provision of spaces for women to participate in the Organic Law formulation and in the normalisation agenda, and through increasing their capacities to lead within communities. Currently, UNYPHIL-Women is involved in the prevention of violent extremism in highly critical areas in the Bangsamoro.