The panel explained how people can use the new guide, and provided clear examples of why this approach is critical for effective and strategic policy and programming. The event also marked the 20th anniversary of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 as gender-sensitive peacebuilding is an international standard in line with this landmark resolution.

Conciliation Resources and Saferworld have led international practice on gender-sensitive conflict analysis through developing and applying tools to ensure that peacebuilding practice is at minimum gender-sensitive, moving towards gender-responsive and gender-transformative – where our work addresses the underlying structural causes and factors of gender inequality.

Speakers in order:

  • Dr Sophia Close, Senior Adviser Gender and Peacebuilding, Conciliation Resources (moderator and guide co-author)
  • Paul Murphy, Executive Director, Saferworld
  • Joelle Jenny, Director, Joint Funds Unit, Cabinet Secretariat, UK Government
  • Hesta Groenewald, independent consultant (guide co-author)
  • Awfa Al Naami, Yemen Country Manager, Saferworld
  • Stefania Minervino, Policy Officer, European Commission (DG DEVCO)
  • Janet Adama Mohammed, Programme Director for West Africa, Conciliation Resources
  • Diana Trimiño Mora, Head of Programme Support and Senior Gender Adviser, Saferworld (moderator and guide co-author)
  • Jonathan Cohen, Executive Director, Conciliation Resources