Steps to Peace illustration

The challenge was aimed at anyone who shares Conciliation Resources’ commitment to making peace possible. Participants from all over the world completed 5, 10 or 15 thousand steps every day for 25 days – to mark Conciliation Resources’ 25th anniversary, with most participants crossing the finish line on 13 November 2020. 

Thank you to all those who participated, donated or shared words of encouragement to keep us all going over those 25 unforgettable days. We collectively had the chance to get fitter, clear our minds and become more aware of the marathon, rather than sprint-like pace of the work of peacebuilders around the world. 

Steps to Peace participant Esther Winslow said:

“The 10,000 steps were a real challenge once the light started disappearing at 4pm but it's been a great push to get me out the door and I actually really enjoyed it by the end. What was even better was knowing that I was raising money to support efforts to build trust in a world that is so divided at the moment.”

We are delighted to have had over 40 registered participants who received contributions from more than 240 individual donors. Our Steps to Peace Facebook community of over 90 members, posted updates, photos and supported each other to reach their individual and collective steps and fundraising goals. 

Steps to Peace have been taken all over the UK and Europe, in the Central African Republic, Pakistan and the United States by Conciliation Resources’ partners, staff, families and friends. The challenge brought together a community separated by the pandemic. We connected through shared experiences of braving all weather conditions and overcoming hurdles, including periods of imposed self-isolation, inspiring each other to achieve our common goals against the backdrop of a seemingly disconnected and socially distanced world. 

Throughout it all we were reminded that one in four people around the world live in countries affected by conflict and violence. We continue with our work and commitment to building peace. It is not too late to support our steppers and contribute to this important work – please head over to our campaign website: and give what you can.

Thank you to everyone for making peace possible for more people.