Today sees the launch at the House of Lords of a discussion paper by the Ammerdown Group of which Conciliation Resources is a member. Rethinking Security explores the security strategies of Western States, in particular the UK, and proposes principles for a more effective approach to security; one which works in the common interest.  
The Ammerdown Group brings together practitioners and academics who are concerned about the effects of geopolitics on the security of people worldwide and who are seeking a new vision for the future of our common peace and security. In 2014 the Group launched the Ammerdown Invitation, which invited participation in a public conversation about alternatives to current approaches to national security. Rethinking Security is a contribution to that debate.
The United Nations refers to security as freedom from fear and want, and the freedom to live in dignity. Yet opinion differs radically on how to achieve that. Is it the responsibility of the government alone to provide security, or do we also share responsibility as citizens? Should security, like charity, begin at home? Do social injustice, economic exclusion and ecological destruction pose equal risk to our security as groups with extremist worldviews? And do we lean too heavily on military power? 
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