Carlina Baile Yanira - Ingrid Guyon

Imagine Peace is a new portrait exhibition that celebrates Colombian women of the diaspora living in the UK and Spain. The exhibition will take place at the London College of Communication studio in the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre from 6-8 July 2018.

The women portrayed in this exhibition are members of the Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission of Colombian Women in the Diaspora (TMR Commission) – a group that Conciliation Resources has been supporting for the past three years.

This exhibition is part of a wider project that aims to transform memories of migration and armed conflict into memories of peace, through artistic expressions of gender empowerment and self-expression. The TMR Commission has already documented over 100 testimonies of victims of the armed conflict and other migrants who now live in London, Barcelona and Stockholm.

Imagine Peace portrays the women as peacebuilders, and as bridges between their homeland and the countries in which they have settled. The narratives accompanying each photograph, make the women’s voices heard and tell their unique stories as migrants, community leaders, activists, role models and survivors of the armed conflict. The portraits are a testament of their capacity for resilience and healing.

The exhibition will feature portraits from photographers Ingrid Guyon and Antonio Amador. With this exhibition, the TMR Commission and photographers pay tribute to the Colombian and Latin American women who work and live in London and have contributed to the cultural diversity of the city.

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