Jointly produced over five years by the Media Initiatives Center, Internews Azerbaijan, and the Humanitarian Research Public Union, supported by Conciliation Resources, the films showcase journalistic cooperation in bridging societies in conflict. The project was funded by the European Union.  

Conciliation Resources subsequently produced a summary film, Parts of a Circle: History of the Karabakh Conflict (see further below), which draws on materials used in the first three films to bring the rich material they contain to a wider international audience. The English-language version of the summary film was completed in 2019 and released in May 2020.

Part 1: The Road to War

Watch the film in: Armenian | Azerbaijani | Russian


Part 2: The War

Watch the film in: Armenian | Azerbaijani | Russian


Part 3: In Search of Peace

Watch the film in: Armenian | Azerbaijani | Russian


Summary film

Watch the film in: Russian

Read reviews of the film by Tigran Grigoryan and Cavid Ağa

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Funded by the European Union
The films and the associated materials were produced with the support of the European Union, via the European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh (EPNK). The views presented in the film and associated materials cannot be taken to represent any position held by the European Union.