Comparative learning visit of Kenyan peacebuilders to Liberia

Hope Interactive was recognised for its inspiring peacebuilding work in northeast Nigeria. In an area severely affected by the conflict with Boko Haram, they work to involve young people, whether they are former perpetrators or victims, in finding alternatives to the violence.

Mshelia Birma Wayuta, Hope Interactive’s Executive Director, will collect the award at a ceremony in Copenhagen this weekend:

"Winning this award is an honor like no other for Hope Interactive and for me personally. Travelling to a distant country to receive the LIVIA award is proof that all it takes to be impactful is unflinching diligence, determination and discipline. This award will help turbo-charged Hope Interactive for the next level."

Since 2017 Conciliation Resources has supported Hope Interactive to establish 12 Youth Peace Platforms in Yobe State. These informal and voluntary groups are led by young people and now have over 900 members. Members come from some of the community’s worst affected by conflict - communities that have experienced repeated attacks or previously been under Boko Haram control.

We have also worked with Hope Interactive to create women-only storytelling and listening spaces to help over 500 women in 13 communities share their testimonies and support one another. While many have suffered enormous trauma, the sessions continue to emphasise their resilience and have begun the process of healing the legacies of their past, as well as helping them imagine a better future.