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Women have a right to meaningful participation. We are excited to be partnering with the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund to support individuals and civil society organisations to enable women to take part in and influence more peace processes.
Laura Aumeer, Conciliation Resources

Twenty years after the adoption of the landmark UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, women remain significantly underrepresented in peace processes. Women’s direct participation as decision makers remains the exception rather than the norm.

Women around the world, including in Afghanistan, the Central African Republic, Libya, South Sudan and Yemen have faced and continue to face steep obstacles, direct resistance and great personal risks in their efforts to ensure their participation in processes pertaining to the future of their countries.

The Rapid Response Window (RRW) will provide financing for strategic and urgent services and initiatives that support the participation of women peacebuilders and women’s civil society organisations in national, subnational and international formal peace processes.

The RRW has two primary funding streams:

1) Direct Support Stream – up to $25,000 USD – the RRW directly finances the provision of services to ensure women’s access and influence in peace processes. This includes logistical and technical support that would increase the likelihood of a woman CSO representative or individual to actively participate in or influence a peace process or the implementation of a peace agreement – including the cost of travel arrangements, childcare, access for persons with disabilities, interpretation needs, expert advisory support.

2) Short-Term Grants Stream – up to $100,000 USD – the RRW works with a range of partners to deliver rapid grants (6 months maximum) for projects that address diverse barriers to women’s influence and participation in peace processes, or the implementation of a peace agreement.

The scope for requests is purposely diverse and open to encompass a variety of demands to support women’s meaningful participation in formal peace processes and peace agreement implementation through punctual interventions which need urgent support. Flexibility in the type of support, timing and funding amounts is key to responding to women’s organisations and women groups’ needs to influence and participate in peace processes and peace agreement implementation at the national, subnational and international levels.

Find out more about how to apply here. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so there is no fixed deadline.

Community meeting in Dungu, DRC

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