A workshop in the Naviavia Islands, Fiji

Dealing with the past is vital to building peace in communities; the end of fighting does not equal the resolution of conflict, and historical grievances can continue to fuel on-going violence. In Melanesian societies, where conflicts are occurring on larger scales and with the introduction of high-powered weapons, the effects of post-conflict trauma are felt among a larger proportion of individuals than ever before. 

Dealing with the past legacies of violence encompasses a broad range of topics, including attempts to transform broken relationships, reconciliation processes and healing, and how the collective memory and narratives about the past positively or negatively impact the sustainability of peace.

This new project looks to explore the different ways in which people in the Pacific Islands are addressing the legacies of violence, to help inform and shape peacebuilding and transformation in the Pacific, and support peacebuilders working across the region. 

How to take part

Contributions are welcomed from peacebuilding practitioners and scholars in and of the Pacific Islands, whose work or experience involves dealing with past legacies of conflict - this could be through life experiences, studies, or stories. 

Contributions can be in the form of art, dance, theatre, poetry, spoken word, music, film, creative writing or a research article, and will be brought together in a final story compilation. 

If you are interested in submitting a contribution, please read our Call for Contributions for more information about the project and how to apply. Deadline for submitting interest is 19 March 2023.