Two people looking at each other

The campaign highlights the need for people to look beyond stereotypes and see the person underneath, to begin to heal division and conflict, between individuals, and within societies.

Sarah Bradford, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Conciliation Resources, explains:

“Violent conflicts are extremely complex and multifaceted, and while not all of us are in the terrifying position of living in countries experiencing war, we can all relate to feelings of division and polarisation in societies."

We wanted to create this campaign so that those of us who are not affected by violent conflict can begin to understand what some of the issues are, but also see that there are approaches to tackling violence that do work – there is hope.”

The campaign is being shared online and the charity is urging as many people as possible to watch, share and take steps to heal division. Conciliation Resources hopes that this campaign will inspire more people to take action to prevent violence and build peace, both in their own lives and in the lives of others. 

As well as sharing the film, people can sign up to receive tips, ideas and inspiring stories from peacebuilders around the world to start taking steps to heal division in their everyday lives.

Sarah comments:

“We can all play a role in building a more peaceful world. For those experiencing the daily threat of violence, trauma and insecurity, peace is not a luxury but a very urgent need. More needs to be done collectively to address violent conflict. 

Around the world there are courageous peacebuilders looking beyond hate, and standing up to violence in their communities. We all need to do more to support them. Peace is possible, and it starts by seeing the human."


To find out more visit #SeeTheHuman


This article was also published on Charity Today.