Lucy Moore smiling at the camera with a green forested background

With nearly two decades dedicated to humanitarian and development efforts across Africa, Asia, the Balkans, and the Middle East, Lucy’s journey embodies a deep commitment to fostering peace amid turbulent times. One of her prior roles was as Senior Conflict Advisor for Islamic Relief Worldwide, for whom she wrote Working in Conflict: A Faith-Based Toolkit. She has been an independent consultant in this field since 2017. Lucy remarked:

"Having seen the excellent work of Conciliation Resources over so many years, I was delighted to join its board in 2018, and I am honoured to have been asked to continue supporting the charity as Interim Chair. Time and again I have been deeply impressed by Conciliation Resources’ committed and excellent staff, the thoughtfulness of its approach and dedication to its partners."

Highlighting the challenging landscape for peacebuilders, Lucy emphasised the organisation's role in addressing escalating violence while striving for a world where peace garners the attention it deserves.

"In Conciliation Resources’ endeavours -  whether in linking climate change with conflict or its unwavering dedication to supporting partners in conflict contexts - I see the seeds of our path back to a global conversation where peace is taken seriously again. As Conciliation Resources approaches its 30th anniversary this year and concludes its current strategy in 2025, this is an opportunity to reflect on successes, challenges, and what comes next.”  

Jonathan Cohen, Executive Director of Conciliation Resources, welcomed Lucy’s appointment, underscoring her invaluable insights and dedication to advancing the organisation's mission. Jonathan said:

"I am delighted that Lucy is taking on the role of Interim Chair and very much looking to work more closely with her. Her knowledge of Conciliation Resources, allied to her background in conflict transformation, mediation and governance with community-based and international organisations brings a valuable breadth of experience. At a time when the challenges for building peace are multiplying, Lucy's know-how will be a source of tremendous support and guidance.”