At the invitation of Conciliation Resources, an informal dialogue workshop on the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and peace process took place in London from 1-5 June 2015.

The workshop was the second in a series of meetings as part of the Limehouse discussion platform on the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict – a continuation of ongoing dialogue that we have facilitated over many years. All participants took part in an individual capacity, and the meeting was held under the Chatham House rule.

The meeting enabled participants to exchange views on recent political developments and to analyse current opportunities and obstacles in the peace process. Among topics for discussion were economic challenges, infrastructure projects, reform processes and developments in the Gal/i region.

On 4 June, participants attended an informal round table discussion hosted and organised by Conciliation Resources on 'Security challenges in the South Caucasus through the prism of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict', together with international experts.

Jonathan Cohen – Acting Executive Director, Rachel Clogg – Caucasus Programme Director, and Mira Sovakar – Caucasus Projects Manager facilitated the meeting.