Former Irish Ambassador appointed Chair of Conciliation Resources

Dr Donoghue was one of the Irish Government’s negotiators for the ground-breaking Good Friday Agreement, which provided a political framework for lasting peace and stability in Northern Ireland. He says:

"It is a huge honour to have been asked to Chair the Board of Trustees of Conciliation Resources. Central to my work over many years has been a desire to contribute to the search for lasting peace, justice and reconciliation in societies which have been destabilised by violent conflict."

Dr Donoghue recently retired from a long and varied career in Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs. His posts included Political Director, which gave him responsibility for Ireland’s overall foreign policy, as well as Director General of Ireland’s development co-operation programme, known as Irish Aid. At various times, he also served as Ireland’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Germany and Austria.

He also played a significant role in the creation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). As Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2013-2017, he co-facilitated the UN negotiations which led to the agreement on the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  He also brokered the first ever UN agreement on refugees and migrants:

"Whether on my own island or in opportunities I have had at the UN, EU and OSCE, I have sought to understand the roots of conflict and to play a part in building and sustaining peace based on that analysis. Conciliation Resources has had a remarkable impact in many conflict situations around the world. I am delighted to have an opportunity to help it to develop and strengthen that impact, and to ensure that it is in a position to meet the escalating challenges of our time."

Conciliation Resources brings people together to find creative and sustainable paths to peace, and for the past 20 years has worked with people and communities in regions of violent conflict around the world. Jonathan Cohen is Conciliation Resources’ Executive Director:

"We are delighted to welcome David Donoghue to Conciliation Resources. His experience of peace processes and the diplomatic world – in particular his work with the UN and Sustainable Development Goals – will support the work we are doing with our partners around the world, both now and in the years to come."

Dr Donoghue will take up his position as Chair in September, working alongside trustees from a variety of backgrounds including peacebuilding, human rights, academia, diplomacy and law.