Collaborative partnerships are at the heart of the way Conciliation Resources works. We believe in genuine, two-way partnerships, characterised by mutual support and learning.

We’ve been working with our partners from across our global programmes, as well as other peacebuilding organisations, to discuss the way we understand and practice partnership.

In our latest film, our partners and staff share their thoughts on what makes an effective peacebuilding partnership:

To find out more about partnering for peace, read our latest report ‘Partnership in peacebuilding - Lessons from Conciliation Resources’ practice’.

These discussion are part of a longer study into how international NGOs, civil society organisations and networks partner in conflict contexts in the pursuit of peace. The aim is to have a better understanding of how these partnerships can best support conflict resolution and peacebuilding. 

The research is funded by the UK Department for International Development as part of a broader research programme Conciliation Resources is undertaking, alongside Saferworld and International Alert. Find out more