About the film

Seven decades of conflict have imposed severe restrictions of movement across the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir. As a result, many people on either side have been prevented from undertaking pilgrimages to shrines of great spiritual importance on the other side. This film provides an emotive illustration of how this separation has impacted Kashmiris across different faiths. Despite these harsh realities and engrained divisions, the Kashmiri people continue to display resilience, transcending current circumstances and offering hope to the situation. As a cross-LoC collaborative project, the process of jointly shooting and editing the film is as important as the messages it contains, transforming the attitudes and relationships of those who have participated in the project. 

About the film-makers

The film has been jointly made by two filmmakers, Pawan Bali and Muhammad Urfi, who are from either side of the LoC in Kashmir and haven't been able to meet in their home region. Their first documentary film, A Journey Through River Vitasta, has been widely screened both in the region as well as with international audiences and has been positively received.