Over the past 40 years, South Asia has experienced more than 1,300 natural disasters - these have been particularly severe in the region of Kashmir. However there is currently very little work being done across the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir to prepare for, and respond to these disasters. 

Despite not being able to meet in the region, a team of four filmmakers from both sides of the LoC have produced Disaster: the common enemy to raise awareness of the importance of working across the divide to improve disaster management. Mohammed Arif Urfi is one of the filmmakers:

This film is not actually a film about disaster management but a film about collaboration across the LoC. We want to make the governments and people aware of the issues and prevent social unrest. You cannot separate what happens in one part of Kashmir from the other. We need communication between people living up and down stream.

As well as making disaster management more effective, and therefore potentially saving thousands of lives, a shared response could help build confidence between different groups and support long-term peacebuilding efforts in Kashmir. 

This film is the fourth in a series of films produced by the team, about the importance of building bridges and trust across divided Kashmir. The other three films focus on trade, religion and on the stories of families separated by the conflict.